Wings at your pace

About Us

About Us

Wings at your pace

Flying Freely, LLC. started with a conversation at the airport. The conversation was a disagreement of whether to travel to Asia in the future. One individual wanted to go explore, indulge in the delicious street food, see the temples, bask in the sun while the other was hesitant. We don't know the language, we might get on the wrong train, we could accidently be on the wrong side of town. If only we had someone who lived there that we could rely on to answer questions, translate and be our safety net if something goes wrong.

A lightbulb went off. Let’s find a local that we can trust to be there for us and ask questions. If we have that person, then we can go explore the world more comfortably.


To make it commonplace to always have a local contact in unfamiliar areas.



Our mission is to inspire all who want to travel to spread their wings with the support, comfort and information needed to do so at their own pace.


To My Fellow Travelers,

I hope you find value in the service this company provides as it was created just for you. I hope it allows you to spread your wings and explore this big, beautiful world full of vibrant cultures and people.

As technology improves, traveling becomes easier. We have the option to join social media groups, research on blogs, and skim websites to prepare us for our travels. We can look up the top sites to visit and highly rated hotels. We can research packing lists and learn a few words in the local language. We have many resources available to us, but it is still not enough.

Even with these resources, traveling to new places can be uncomfortable and scary. We prepare as much as possible and yet, something always tends to go wrong. It may be as little as forgetting lipstick or getting fined for not validating a bus ticket to not being able to find the passport for tomorrow’s flight. The problems we face during our travels are not solvable or easily solvable with the resources at our disposal.


In many scenarios, we need immediate help and explanations from someone who lives in the area we are exploring to tell us how things work, what we should do in certain situations, and where to find things.

We are not able to become experts in everything before we leave for our trips. We will likely not be fluent in the language, be an expert in all the local customs, or understand all the laws, etc. There are an endless number of questions that we could never imagine coming up when we plan for our trips.

I remember reading a post on social media of a woman who realized she did not have baby formula when she arrived in Paris. I personally would have had a meltdown and be beating myself up about it. I wish she would have had someone to immediately message who could tell her “It is okay, we all forget things. Formula is sold at pharmacies in Paris. Here are some addresses.”

Sometimes, that reassurance is all we need. I have been at train stations where I see the train station name on my ticket. I look up and the sign says that name but I am still anxious. Having someone give me a thumbs up and tell me I am in the right spot, would have made me feel better and more confident.

All I want is to make traveling easier, safer and more comfortable for us. We are a community who cherishes diversity and helping each other. One day, I hope everybody travels with a safety net in their back pocket to support them.

With Love,

Lindsay Ugast

Founder of Flying Freely

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